Men's or Women's Black Leather Bracelet, adjustable

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Men's (Unisex) Black Leather Bracelet, adjustable

Guys, I’m sure you’re asking yourself the age old question right now… ‘Am I cool enough to proudly wear a leather bracelet?’ The answer might in fact be no, but gosh darn it, YOU get to decide for yourself! #bethecoolguywhobuysabraceletfromawomensjewelryshop 

"I like these for anybody but they're a particularly cool idea for your fashionable guys." ~ Jen Hatmaker, Favorite Things Podcast

Your purchase helps fund literacy for underprivileged kids around the world. Thank you!


Width: 1/2" bridle leather
Sizing: 2 gunmetal snaps for size adjustment. Please select your TIGHT wrist size from the drop down menu and we'll add the wiggle room. 

ESSENTIAL OIL ADDICTS: Did you know? Leather is a fabulous diffuser! Dab a little inside your new bracelet for all-day delight!!

LEATHER CARE  (Scroll for Cork Jewelry Care)
You're creating hope around your wrist and around the world

Create Hope Cuffs not only bring hope to those who wear them, but every piece you purchase helps support education for underprivileged children locally and globally through organizations like AIM, Pathways4Youth, Pockets of Hope and more. 

Look at you.... making a difference around the world & doing it fashionably!!

Thank you!