There's so many options! Where do I start?

SHORT Answer:Ā Once you know the style you like, choose the word(s) that speak to your soul, then choose your favorite color! It'll make the process much more fun!Ā 

We get it. There IS a lot to choose from in our product line! That'sĀ because I have a wide-range of moods, personalities andĀ tastes that could change at any given moment... and I figure there might be other gals who feel the same way!Ā 

One dayĀ you may be feeling #fierce and want a statement wrap bracelet that says, "Nevertheless She Persisted".Ā The next day, you may be feeling overwhelmed by life, bad hair and rude people and need just a little reminder to believe in 'hope' by wearing our Skinny Empowerment Bracelet in a basic black, which goes with everything. A powerful understatement.

So why not have lots of options, right?Ā It will help to know we have 4 MAIN Style Collections & price points.Ā 

šŸ–¤Ā The SKINNY BraceletĀ - all less than 1/4" wide (10mm),Ā One 60 colors available in Genuine Leather as well as vegan, eco-friendly Cork available in leather and cork, 24.99-29.99

šŸ–¤The Mini Wrap BraceletĀ -Ā half the length of Double Wrap, the width of a skinny bracelet, 34.99-37.99

šŸ–¤The Wide CuffĀ - ranging in width from .5" to 1.75", 37.00-48.00

šŸ–¤Ā The Double Wrap BraceletĀ - 3/4" wide, super soft, lightweight double wraps, 39.99 -42.00

All these styles are available on our bestsellingĀ Build-Your-OwnĀ collection. That's where the REAL fun happens, Ladies. Personalize it all - style, colors, words & size!

Of course you'll want to accessorize even further with our HandcraftedĀ Earrings. You'll findĀ Leather Earrings,Ā Cork EarringsĀ as well asĀ Wood & Resin EarringsĀ to coordinate with your new bracelet.

Invest in jewelry that speaks to your soul & creates hope around your wrist and around the world.Ā Remember, we're here if you have questions along the way. Email us directly using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.Ā 

My wrists are larger than average; My sister's wrists are that of a Kindergartener. #ofcourse Do you have anything that will fit us both?

SHORT Answer: You betĀ your biscuit we do!Ā 

Every Create Hope Cuffs bracelet comes with TWO snap settings.

But since we cut our own skinny leather & cork we can custom make yours!! And while the Double & Mini Wraps are cut for average-sized wrists, we can certainly send along a cute little Double Wrap leather extenderĀ or the Mini Wrap leather extender in case you need it.

Please see our Wrist Size Guide graphic (appears on each listing) to correctly determine your wrist size.Ā 

I have a special word/phrase I want on a bracelet, but I don't see that option! Help, I'm Freaking the Freak OUT!!! It must be this word!!!

SHORT Answer: Your wish is my command!Ā 

First, breathe. We GOT you!

Second, there's a 99.9% chance we can put whatever you want on a bracelet, so long as it fits because every single letter is hand stampedĀ by myself.

The .01% includes potty words andĀ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... unless you want your bracelet to wrap around both wrists and legs, of course.Ā 

My friend is going through a really hard time and just needs a pick-me-up. Can we make it extra-special?

SHORT Answer: We'd be honored to help.

For ZERO extra dollars, I'll add a handwritten note (my handwriting, your words), put it in a cute little box, add TWO pieces of chocolate (cuz, girl, we both know one is not enough), and ship to her directly.

When ordering, in your checkout notes please type your encouragement EXACTLY how you want me to write it. Also be sure you change the shipping address to HER address.

She'll call you her BFF for life. Bracelet Friends Forever, of course.

Hi, I procrastinate like it's my JOB. Any way can I get my order before the normal two week turn around?

SHORT Answer: Yes, just ask!

Yes, bless your heart. I'll just need your left eye. ORRRR a request emailed to us BEFORE you hit 'Place Order'; letting me know when you need it. I'll do my best to give you a realistic time frame that works for both of us (me & your eye).

In some cases, we need to add a rush-order fee, but again, I'll let you know upfront. Ā Email me at

I want to buy one of everything! Do you sell in bulk?

SHORTAnswer: Discounts are available for quantities of 10+Ā 

Why, yes. Yes, we do! If you're wanting to order 10 or more of theexactsame bracelet, email me first at would love to offer you a discount!

Create Hope Cuffs are wonderful for family gifts, small groups, women ministries and retreat themes, etc.

Our passion is to create hope around the world, so we bend over backwards to get you just what you want (disclaimer: no literal backbends will be performed. I have my limits, people)

I have an old leather belt my loved one used to wear. I've heard you can make it into cuffs for me. How do I get started?

SHORT Answer: Yes, we call them Legacy Cuffs. We always start by determining the condition of the belt. Email me photos at

It's our honor to create Legacy Cuffs from your loved one's belt. There's several factors that go into determiningĀ if the belt itself is viable as a cuff.

We start by asking for clear photos of the belt. From then, we'll set up a call to discuss details.

Because we take such great care, Legacy Cuffs are on a rather large waitlist and can take 6-12 weeks for completion; depending on the season. Average costs are $40-55 per cuff.Ā 

I'm a retailer & want to carry these in my shop! Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Our designs sell well in a variety of retail spaces such as boutiques, antique/vintage shops, fine jewelers, wineries, church bookstores and even campus bookstores! Currently we have over 90 retailers in 38 states!


Click this link to fill out the quick wholesale order request form. Please keep in mind that we only accept wholesale requests from those with a Resellers Tax ID because I don't want to go to jail. Orange is not my color.Ā 

We do offer wholesale with zip code exclusivity to small boutiques, fine jewelers, mobile boutiques, bookstores, and gift shops around the country. See more of our exclusive retail partner benefits at the top of the wholesale request form.
We no longer offer consignment options.