About Create Hope Cuffs and the BEST GIFTS you can give!

✅ Do you ever wonder if there's a gift to buy your niece for her birthday that is actually meaningful; not merely a trinket?

✅ Or know your friend going through a hard time, want to encourage her but also know a Hallmark card or casserole ain't gonna cut it? 

✅ Maybe you're tired of buying the same cookie-cutter gifts that have little to no lasting impression...

✅ Perhaps you yourself feel overwhelmed with the negative circumstances and chaotic voices that seem to surround you; and you need life-giving, soul-satisfying, empowering messages to combat the negativity. 

If you're having trouble finding THE perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you're at the right place, dear sister.

Create Hope Cuffs leather & cork jewelry designs are made to do just that: Create Hope and inspire you to love others & yourself well.

Create Hope Cuffs come in all sorts of colors, designs and inspirational messages at affordable prices. We never charge extra for personalization


When the gift box arrives in the mail, your heart will sing!

And every time you wear your Create Hope Cuff, or you see your friend wearing the bracelet YOU designed for her... you'll both be reminded that hope & love are stronger forces than anything this world can throw at you!

And that's what we can do for you: strengthen your faith.

At Create Hope Cuffs, we strive to make sure you feel loved & hopeful for a brighter future... and with a piece of dark chocolate in hand because chocolate makes everything better, right?!

Our designs are hand stamped and personally prayed over by Danielle, the designer. Our prayer? That you would come to know the fullness with which you are loved & treasured, and be inspired to share that truth with others. 

Create Hope Cuffs handmade jewelry make THE perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, bridesmaid gifts, women's ministries, sports moms, sisters, incentives for your employees, and 'just because' gifts for jewelry lovers of all ages!

Now, what can we design for you today?  

Want to know about the designer and the mission?