About The Mission to Create Hope wherever we GO!

Our Mission is to create hope around your wrist & around the world!

Not only do Create Hope Cuffs leather and cork bracelets bring hope to those who wear them, but proceeds also create hope in E'Swatini, Africa through Adventures in Missions, an orphan-advocacy organization. Every bracelet helps an orphaned or at-risk child stay in school & dream for a better future.

As our business has grown we also have several giving campaigns for local homeless shelters, local schools & support teachers throughout the year. Thank you for being a vital part of this mission & dream to create hope wherever we go.

With a huge variety of stylish, affordable, inspirational leather & cork bracelets, thousands of women now wear Create Hope Cuffs are reminded daily to intentionally live our best life from the center of who we are created to be.

This inspires us to continue our mission of creating hope around your wrists & around the world.

The Designer:

HI! I'm Danielle! Even though I was raised in the south (Kentucky), my home is in the beautiful state of Minnesota along with my husband, Mike, our two sons who are nearing adulthood and our beloved cavoodle, Jones. 

Prior to starting my business in 2016, I had been a special education para & learned so much about loving people the way they need to be loved & seeing God's beauty in every single soul. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunities I get every single day to see people inspired and encouraged through my jewelry designs. And knowing children near and far are able to dream bigger dream because of it.... well, it doesn't get any better than that. 

Thank you for joining the journey! 
Danielle & the Hope Team

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African chickens are certainly opinionated. 

During one of visits to E'swatini (Swaziland), a dear family in the Bheveni community invited us into their homestead and made a delicious dinner for our entire team. What an honor & a privilege.

Something to dance about! New school shoes! New school shoes! 

Thanks to your purchases year-round, every August we encourage teachers to send us their Amazon classroom wishlists.