EXTENDER for Wrap Bracelets, 2" (FREE - just pay shipping!)
EXTENDER for Wrap Bracelets, 2" (FREE - just pay shipping!)
EXTENDER for Wrap Bracelets, 2" (FREE - just pay shipping!)
Create Hope Cuffs

EXTENDER for Wrap Bracelets, 2" (FREE - just pay shipping!)

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Our Wraps are intended for wrists 6" - 7.25" in circumference. That's just not fair to women who may have above average wrist sizes.

So, here's the solution:

Leather Extenders are here! Just snap this on to your bracelet and POOF, your wrap fits comfortably! 


When requested WITH a bracelet order, the extender is FREE of charge. All you need to do is add a note to your checkout, "Please include an extender".

When requested AFTER a bracelet is ordered, the extender is only 1 PENNY, but you'll need to pay the shipping. 


Beyond the Bracelet:

Thank you for supporting Create Hope Cuffs - did you know a portion of this sale goes to bring literacy to children in Swaziland, Africa? See, look at you being all GIVING & inspiring kids around the world to be the best they can be - SO MUCH MORE THAN A BRACELET, RIGHT?

Caring for your Create Hope Cuff:  Our leather is stained & sealed, but will show some wear over time. Most people like this 'shabby' look. To keep your leather & snaps looking fresher longer, be sure to keep them dry.

With frequent wear, the black stain within the lettering may fade. Want to give it a refresh? Simply use a black sharpie. Be sure to wipe off any excess quickly, but if the sharpie dries where you don’t want it, use a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the extra.

Aluminum will not tarnish. But copper & brass will oxidize and change color over time. This is natural. To bring your cuff back to its original sheen, rub it with a sunshine cloth or fine steel wool. You may even use fine-grain sandpaper on the metal to smooth out any scuffs from wear. Your Create Hope Cuff will look brand new again!