Consultations & Speaking Engagements

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Often I get asked by other business owners if they can 'pick my brain', so I've decided to offer this as a service. 

I absolutely love sharing our story of success; and I don't hold back! Why should I? Though our story may be unique, it is completely possible for you to have your own version of success; whether you're just toying with the idea of your own start up or simply need some guidance for the next steps... it'd be a pleasure to help you along the way.

Sessions are available either on the phone or by video chat. (we currently do not offer in person meet ups due to time constraints)

15 minutes = $25

30 minutes = $40 

60 minutes = $65

Should you want continuous consultations, those are quoted on a case by case bases. 

In order to be respectful of your time, I ask that you give me your 3 top questions prior to the call. This way, I'm prepped and ready to hit the ground running at 'Hello'. 

Please email us at createhopecuffs @ gmail . com and we'll get an appointment in the books for you. Currently we are scheduling consults 2 weeks out.