Tangible Reminders of Love

Is there something that serves as a tangible reminder of a loved one in your life?
Here's mine.
He's been gone over 15 years, but every time I see this candy he helped create, I think of my step dad, Richard and God's little confirmations of comfort when we're grieving.
Before he died in 2010 at age 57, my daddy worked at the HERSHEY'S chocolate factory.
A couple months before he died he sent me a huge box of FULL-Sized Take 5 bars that his team at Hershey's had recently created!!! SCORE!! We ate them all rather quickly... They were SO good... addicting, even.
Perhaps thats why I fasted candy & chocolate for over a month to prepare my inner-self for leading a team to E'swatini (formerly named Swaziland) Africa. I so was scared & felt so ill-equipped for such a journey.
36 hours before our flight I found out he died. Devastated doesn't begin to cover it when your daddy dies without the chance for a goodbye.
I had to make the decision of following through on what I know the Lord called us to do or stay for my dad's funeral. I knew in my heart what was right, but God gave me several confirmations.
Here's one: The morning after I got the news (24hrs before the trip) a friend showed up at my door with a basket of 'love'...
I don't remember what was in it except 3 Take Five Candy Bars. Overwhelmed with comfort & love & confidence that The Lord wanted us to indeed go & take a bit of my dad with me. Yeah, I know it's a candy bar, but it served as a connection point to him in my grief.
When we boarded the plane, I broke my fast of no-candy with one of these Take 5 bars. God gently & sweetly confirmed His presence & love to me through this simple connection with my dad ... And He still does ... Every time I see a Take 5 candy bar!! 

~Danielle, Creating Hope Together
{A photo of my husband Mike in Sam's Club in 2015, reminding me of God's faithfulness in the big and small things.}

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