Sweet Pea Summers

Where do you find pure joy? The gold dust of my childhood memories is one of the places I go to find joy. 

When I was young, we lived on a sweet, little cul-de-sac in a cozy neighborhood. There we had a garden, friends, and family nearby. 

My parents planted sweet sugar snap peas in our garden, which I loved to harvest with my dirty hands and consume immediately. Two of my beloved aunties and their families lived nearby. My best friends lived across the street.

Pushing my sweet black Labrador, Snuggles, in the baby swing in our backyard was a favorite pastime.

Summers were easy and packed with those I loved the best in the world. Our home was the hub of activities. We had the run of the neighborhood if we didn’t leave the cud-de-sac.

Children were celebrated and welcomed, the more the merrier. It was a fairytale world for this 7-year-old.

Joy! Pure Joy, those memories are.

I can retreat there any time for a needed touch of bliss. 

The feel of my sweet pup’s soft, black ears.

The happy laughter of my cousins and friends as we played all the childhood games.

The stability of my parents' love for each other and us.

All of it wrapped up and neatly tucked inside my heart.

These memories anchor me and remind me of all that is good in the world. 

Joy, much like the sweet peas of my childhood memories, is to be cultivated in order to experience & grow in fullness.

I invite you to recall a sweet pea memory from your own life; hold it closely to your heart.

There, may you find a wellspring of immense & sustaining joy. 

Author: Melinda Pedersen

Melinda is a certified holistic health & life coach. She is passionate about helping others create lasting transformations in their lives.

Contact her through IG or email 

IG: @melindapedersencoachingllc


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