Styling Your Jewelry for Fall

Break Out Your Fall Jewelry

Now that fall is here, we can all dust off our autumnal pieces. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of our favorite fall jewelry trends for styling your existing pieces, or even adding to your collection with a few cuffs from us! Read more to find out how you can look stunning this season.

Crafting a Killer Color Scheme

Now that fall colors are pouring in from the trees and pumpkin patches, it means that you should make sure your jewelry is following the same color scheme. When picking out your jewelry, always remember that neutrals go well with fall colors. But don’t get boxed in. You can also choose to match the fall aesthetic with colors like grays, maroons, and yes, even pink! 

If you’re having trouble, you can close your eyes and picture autumn in your mind. Think of all the times you had to rake the leaves as a kid, or when your parents finally let you jump into the pile after spending all morning making it. Those are the colors you want to prioritize with your jewelry. And it just so happens we've got LOTS of autumn vibe leather and cork colors for you to choose from. Take a look at our newest skinny cork bracelets here.

Pairing Patterns and Accessories

Autumn 2021 is a great time to break out patterns like leopard print, buffalo check, and houndstooth. But be careful, plenty of jewelry pieces are flashy by themselves. That’s why some of our favorite fall jewelry is understated pieces like bracelets incorporating earth tones like brown and olive. With this simple look, you can let the patterns you’re wearing be the star, while your jewelry is the supporting cast.




Stacking for Style

You’ve no doubt heard your friends talking about layering, but they’re usually doing it to the tune of cute flannels and puffy coats. But how does it apply to fall jewelry trends? Good question. Layering doesn’t just apply to your outfit; it’s also a great technique for your jewelry. On warm days you can roll up your sleeves (or not wear any) but your arms might feel a bit naked. #sayitisntso When that happens, practice stacking bracelets on your arms. Mix the earthy tones we were discussing earlier with traditional fall colors like red and orange. You’ll be turning heads with your bling in no time using this method.

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Styling With Create Hope Cuffs

We hope our few tips can help you this season, and hopefully for more to come. If your jewelry box is feeling a little too light for your taste, consider creating a cuff with us. Create Hope Cuffs are beautiful, elegant, and serve a great cause. Take look at our new products for the fall and stay stunning.

Create Hope wherever you go with our finest fall jewelry.

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