Spicing Up your Style with Leather Jewelry

What’s your favorite way to spice up your outfit? Here at Create Hope Cuffs, our favorite way to add a little pizzaz to an outfit is with leather jewelry. Leather jewelry, like skinny leather bracelets, leather earrings, and leather cuffs is the perfect way to ramp up your outfit, enhance your overall look, and add some fun to getting dressed every morning.

Spice Up Your Outfit

One of the best ways to take an outfit from “blah” to “wow” is with a statement piece of jewelry. It can add some color or spark to what could otherwise be considered more of a plain outfit. A focal piece, such as a pair of statement leather earrings or a big, chunky necklace is best paired with a simple outfit. Let your beautiful leather jewelry do the talking!

Layer Leather Jewelry

Layering your jewelry—whether it’s bracelets or even necklaces—adds some fun to your outfit! The longer your sleeves, the fewer the bracelets you should wear. So if you’ve got short sleeves, layer, layer, layer! Another option: go for thin, skinny leather bracelets when the sleeves are longer or reach to your elbows and choose a wide leather cuff when you are wearing a sleeveless top.

Coordinate Jewelry with your Outfit

When you coordinate your jewelry with your outfit, you’ll enhance your overall look. Playing around with different outfit and jewelry looks is undoubtedly fun, but if you don’t mix things together right, it can look a bit thrown-together. You want to look effortless. Remember these go-to tips when coordinating jewelry with your outfit:

  • Wear long necklaces with a loose, flowy outfit to give the outfit some shape.
  • Match your bracelets to your sleeve length.
  • Stick to one piece of bold jewelry per outfit (for instance, either a chunky wide leather cuff or a bold earring, but not both).
  • Pair simple jewelry with elegant, formal outfits.
  • Coordinate the shape of your jewelry to the pattern on your clothes.
  • Make sure the length of your necklace coordinates with the neckline on your shirt or dress. 

For more leather jewelry styling tips, check out the Create Hope Cuffs blog!


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