Mini Wraps Elevate Your Style

Move over Skinny Bracelets, Mini Leather Wraps are stealing the spotlight as the ultimate unsung heroes of our jewelry brand!

While Mini Wraps are the same size & length of our Skinny bracelets, they elevate your style with the super comfortable 'shredded' design.

I could go on and on (and I will) about how the mini wrap is my favorite child because I designed her myself... NO other company (handmade or not) has her softness or flair for bringing her most comfortable yet classy game to the jewelry table.

A few years ago I finally listened to our customers who were saying, "We LOVE the Double Shredded Wraps, but neeeed the option for smaller ones... and being the fabulous women we are, require an extender be available if we need one... for free."

We heard you loud & clear... and our unsung hero, the Mini Wrap herself, was born. And after a few upgrades here and there, she's practically perfect. #biased

We've made over a thousand Mini Wraps since; all personalized just the way you like them; with your color & word choice and we're ready to make so many more for you this year.

The pictures below showcase just how versatile our Mini Wraps can be. What color do YOU need for your 2023 Spring & Summer style?







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