Lighthearted Moments

In 2023 I gave myself permission to find joy in something other than family and work.
I know. It was truly groundbreaking for me too, mamas.
It actually took a while for me to recognize and name activities that brought me joy; defined as nothing more than what brought me delight, made me smile and laugh. I threw out any societal judgments of what a 47 year old woman should or should not do.
Side note: It's easily the equivalent of removing Spanx. Dear Jesus, I can breathe again. 🤣
I'd like to say last January I wrote this all down as a goal and did it with complete intention and determination. I didn't. I'm an Enneagram 9. We like to go at our own pace.
It was just a quiet year long inner dialogue of saying, "Does this bring me joy?" and allowing myself to BATHE in that joy. Friend, have you ever allowed yourself to recognize that inner spark of joy and just bask in it? Or are you like me and prone to your favorite hobbies of worrying then eating and then worrying about eating?
My dad was so good at RECKLESS DELIGHT. To the point of embarrassment, but now I get it.
Mid-Life can be so dull and drab and we could honestly spend all our time on to-do lists (and should've-done lists) that we forget life is meant to be enjoyed. We get this ONE BEAUTIFUL LIFE & there's so much joy to be found.
I guess what I'm saying is in between the work and family gig, I found ways to be more lighthearted. I believe it's the untapped secret to being more present for everything else.
Judge me all you want, but this year I found immense delight in being a #swiftie and in reading a lot of non-fiction books, in embracing my silly side, in buying all manner of sparkly things including unicorn bookmarks meant for pre-teens.
Next thing you know I'll be rolling my jeans into my socks and carrying a Trapper Keeper. 🤣
Lightheartedness can look a lot like this:
*Silliness for the sake of being silly
*Singing to your favorite stupid songs
*Tuning out everything to read a romance book
*Embracing our own messed up humanity
*Letting others carry their own stress instead of me carrying it for them
*Smiling at strangers so much they think they must know you from somewhere *Dawning a costume for a holiday party
*Shaking your booty and dancing just because you can
*Or simply being on the lookout for others who have that same child-like sparkle in their eyes. They are your people.
It isn't denying that life is challenging and often breaks our hearts. It's giving ourselves permission & moments in time to recognize and experience what lightens our heavy loads.
This year, I hope you find ways to let your heart be light and your joy be full. I've had a taste of it and my entire 2024 To-Do List is to fall deeper in love with JOY!
Ps. Got any good book recs?
Ps. I can't be the only middle aged woman who bought the Whitney Houston sweatshirt at Sam's Club, right?
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