How to Style Vintage Jewelry

Everyone defines style different, but one thing is true: shopping the latest trends and new fashions on the mannequins doesn’t mean you’re stylish. True style is about more than the clothes. It’s about how you put together different items—like your clothes and shoes—and how you elevate the outfit with jewelry. If you’re looking to step up your style game, adding vintage jewelry is the way to go.

Add a Classy Touch with Stacked Bracelets

Stacking bracelets on your wrist, especially if you’re wearing a sleeveless or short sleeve top, is a great way to add a classy touch to your outfit. Rely on vintage cork jewelry, vintage leather cuffs, or upcycled leather charm bracelets for the perfect balance of vintage and class. Stack a few—three is a good number. Even if you’re wearing long sleeves, a single skinny bracelet adds a nice touch. Consider your outfit before stacking bracelets. Stacked bracelets will look great with a fun, casual look but may not be your ideal choice for a formal event.

Add a Statement Earring

Bold, beautiful earrings can be the ultimate statement piece and addition to your outfit. Consider adding dangling earrings or large vintage earrings especially if you have short hair or will be pulling your hair back. If you choose to add vintage flair via earrings, be sure to tone down the rest of your vintage jewelry for the night. Statement earrings are the perfect accessory for an elegant night out on the town or formal event.

Mix Metals and Colors

When styling vintage jewelry, don’t be afraid to mix metals! While rules of the past may have frowned upon mixing silver and gold, those rules no longer apply. In fact, mixing metals is encouraged when you’re styling vintage jewelry! Consider coordinating rings and bracelets in different metals to add a little glamour to your outfit. Just as you play with different metals, have fun playing around with different colors and textures, too. A pop of color from your vintage jewelry is a great way to add that little something extra that turns an outfit from “basic” to “wow.”


One note of caution, though: when wearing vintage jewelry, be mindful of the materials and textures. You don’t want to damage a piece of jewelry by scratching it with another metal.


Do you need more help styling your cork jewelry, leather cuffs, and upcycled leather charm bracelets? Check out the Create Hope Cuffs blog for more tips!

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