Find Rest / Seven Steps Towards Creating Rest in the Holiday Season

We're on the cusp of Thanksgiving & Christmas, which makes this the perfect time to remind ourselves to find rest. The hustle, the over-filled schedule, and even all the delight of the holidays can wear a sister out, right?

How can we preemptively plan for what we know will be an intense few weeks? Here's seven suggestions to keep in your back pocket when overwhelm & holiday stress hit:

  • Connect to art & do something creative without worrying how it'll turn out. Just be sure to make a mess.
  • Do something unproductive
  • Give yourself permission to not be helpful
  • Listen to a favorite song. One day it may be 'Oceans' by Hillsong; the next 'Paul Revere' by Beastie Boys. You do you.
  • Be still & allow yourself to decompress. Deep breathing exercises really do calm the body & mind.
  • Sneak away to a park & walk for 10 minutes
  • Make & keep a running PAM list.
Write down the Places, Activities and Moments that bring joy and peace. Refer to the list when you need to find just a few moments of rest. Consider keeping your PAM list in your phone's Reminder App so it's always handy. Just knowing I have a PAM list helps provide a sense of safety & comfort when I need it most.


And guess what? Most of these don't require a lot of time.

What they DO require of us:

  • Intentionality
  • A willingness to say 'no' to good things that leave us with zero margin
  • And a determination to fuel our souls in the busiest of seasons.

And friend, I believe in you. I believe we have not only have these required tools but we have the courage to live by them & be an example to our children of how important rest can truly be in the midst of chaos.

So what will YOU add to your PAM List?



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