Ever Afraid To Let Go? Me too.

A month after the pandemic began (when schools were shutting down & events were cancelling left & right) I experienced something extraordinary.

I was on the receiving end of a surprise monetary gift, from a surprising giver. It's impact still humbles me. 

You see, this person is a school teacher. A teacher on a budget, whose career was turned upside down & who has continued to rise to the occasion of continuing to support her students, whatever it takes. 

In the midst of her own challenges, she took the time to write me a beautiful note of encouragement & gifted me $100 to help provide for my family & small business.

I mean. Really. 

I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Wouldn't you be? 

Every time I think of her generosity, I'm reminded putting our fears aside & putting our trust in the one true Provider is a moment by moment choice of letting go in order to love. This teacher had every reason to turn inward & hold on to the little time & resources she had.

She chose to be an extravagant giver. 

Generosity goes out of its way to give extravagantly.

Even in our fear of letting go, He is constantly working behind the scenes on our behalf. When my husband & I were leading mission trips, we often told our teams God is in the interruptions, the delays, the challenges.

We told them (& ourselves often) "Look for Him in the difficulties. He's here." Not realizing it then, we were creating an atmosphere of faith & hope. 

Expect the unexpected 'surprises'! 

Hold on though. This goes both ways, doesn't it? 

Sure, expect the unexpected... but more importantly?

Find ways to BE the unexpected blessing in someone's life. 

Being rich in helping others looks a thousand different ways.

A kind note, a hug, a coffee date, an extra tip for the waitress obviously have a hard day, or even a surprise generous gift in the midst of a pandemic... be the unexpected blessing in unexpected places.

Keep living your purpose & keep giving generously



...and like our GOD IS BIGGER THAN THE FEAR trying to paralyze us from seeing & helping others.

He is. He was. He always will be. 

Why not put this in to practice today, friends?

Find a way to be the unexpected blessing in someone's life today. I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment or send me a private email so I can rejoice with you. 

Go Be Extravagant,

💙 Danielle
Ps. Every time you buy one of our handmade designs, you're being a conduit of generosity for underprivileged kids. Thank you!

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