Celebrating Our Own Spark!

What draws you to your friends, interests, and passions?

Growing up in a larger family I learned quickly that people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We were born with differing abilities, interests, and energy levels. When I was young these unique differences were what proved we were special and beautiful.

As I grew, I began to notice that we try to fit everyone into neat little boxes of “sameness”. I began comparing myself to those around me and felt I was coming up short or certainly had it better than others.

To try to fit in I began to buy into the ideas of sameness.

I stopped celebrating differences and instead, I was trying to blend in and be the same. Same church, same friends, same interests, same talk, same dress, same sports…you get the picture.

That sameness routine nearly snuffed out my spark and the essence of what makes me who I am. I forgot what I enjoyed, what I found interesting, and instead hopped on the sameness train. Living life this way left me empty, uncreative, and passionless. That was no way to live!

Little by little, I am learning to listen for my unique, creative voice. This is allowing me to emerge as the person I was born to be. I’m not the same as my siblings, parents, husband, kids, extended family, friends, community, colleagues, and society. I am me. I have a unique and beautiful voice, a part to play, and a reason to be here.

I will be the same as others who also love what I love, yes, of course. The difference is that any sameness now comes from the authenticity of listening to the still small voice inside my heart and becoming myself.

The voices that shout “only sameness allowed” are beginning to grow dim as my own true voice emerges. My heart is growing in vitality, curiosity, and wonder.

To begin to hear your own still small voice, start by asking the questions, “What is it that I want?” and then listen deeply to the answer.

Taking steps to find our own authentic voice, our world begins to shine brighter in the vibrant colors and frequencies that we all long to see and hear.

If you haven’t already, I hope in the near future, you get up to beginning to tune into your own still small voice and allow it to tell you the truth about who you are.

May you there find the joy and life you may have been seeking... the wonder of living as the person you were created to be.

Author: Melinda Pedersen

Melinda is a certified holistic health & life coach. She is passionate about helping others create lasting transformations in their lives.

Contact her through IG or email 

IG: @melindapedersencoachingllc


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    Your unique gifts continue to bless 🥰

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