Be A Kind Human.

While it may look differently for each of our lives, at its core kindness simply means to acknowledge another person's experience & demonstrate empathy even if you can't relate to them.

It's seeing others with simple compassion & respect; exactly how we want to be seen & treated.

Kindness doesn't have to be a BiG thing. In fact, I think the highest form of kindness is found in the little moments of our daily lives such as these:

*Acknowledging a human's presence when they walk into the room.
*Giving your full attention when they are speaking. Listening is a beautiful way to be a kind human.
*Taking time to show appreciation to someone who has been kind to you.
*Showing patience when your rush-to-do-it list is interrupted by another human.

One of the best pieces of advice I've received is to assume, like myself, other humans are just doing the best they can with the circumstances they are in. It releases judgement and makes way for compassion, which leads to kindness.

How will you show kindness to another human this week?

Creating Hope Together,

Danielle & Team

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