Wood Open Hoop Turquoise Earrings, hypoallergenic, resin Wood Earrings Create Hope Cuffs

Wood Open Hoop Turquoise Earrings, hypoallergenic, resin

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Material: 100% Balsa Wood
Size: 1.75" wide x 1.75" drop  
All our hardware are hypoallergenic, nickel & cadmium free. 
Guaranteed not to spin.
Backside of earrings are stained also.


Beyond the Design:

Thank you for supporting Create Hope Cuffs - did you know a portion of this sale goes to bring literacy to children in Swaziland, Africa? See, look at you being all GIVING & inspiring kids around the world to be the best they can be - SO MUCH MORE THAN JEWELRY, RIGHT?


LEATHER CARE  (Scroll for Cork Jewelry Care)
You're creating hope around your wrist and around the world

Create Hope Cuffs not only bring hope to those who wear them, but every piece you purchase helps support education for underprivileged children locally and globally through organizations like AIM, Pathways4Youth, Pockets of Hope and more. 

Look at you.... making a difference around the world & doing it fashionably!!

Thank you!