White Aztec CORK Earrings, Vegan, Eco-Friendly, Teardrop Only, 3”
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White Aztec CORK Earrings, Vegan, Eco-Friendly, Teardrop Only, 3”

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CORK Earrings, Teardrop

Like our leather earrings, these cork earrings do NOT disappoint! You can wear these large, statement earrings because they are lightweight and unlike metal earrings, won't give you 'earaches' from the drop weight. See, you CAN have your cake & eat it too! 


COLOR: White Aztec 

LENGTH: Appx. 3" drop

METALS: Nickel-free, Lead-free, non-allergenic metal alloy

Stay-in-Place Guarantee - Earring back-stoppers will be provided with every pair!

Learn about Cork products below* You'll be glad you did! 

Arrives in a giftable burlap bag with a piece of dark chocolate!


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Cork is one of the world's most incredible raw materials. Did you know cork (yes, your wine corks too) are harvested from cork oak tree bark? It's 100% Vegan & ECO-friendly!

The best cork comes from Portugal, where over one third of all Cork Oaks exist. 

Cork oak trees are the ONLY trees who actually benefit from having the bark removed. Once harvested, the tree absorbs about 5 times the CO2, making harvesting an important process in reducing greenhouse gases. Amazingly, the same cork tree can be harvested every 3-8 years! 

Once the cork is harvested, it goes through a rigorous process of being boiled, dried, and shaved into thin sheets, then sealed with a non-toxic sealant. It is now stain-resistant, water repellant, hypoallergenic, anti-microbal, supple and flame retardant... and ready to be worn!  


Thank you for supporting Create Hope Cuffs - did you know a portion of this sale goes to bring literacy to children in Swaziland, Africa? See, look at you being all GIVING & inspiring kids around the world to be the best they can be - SO MUCH MORE THAN JEWELRY, RIGHT?


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