The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring & Intentional Giving Box
The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring & Intentional Giving Box
The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring & Intentional Giving Box
The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring & Intentional Giving Box
The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring & Intentional Giving Box
The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring & Intentional Giving Box
Create Hope Cuffs

The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring & Intentional Giving Box

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The GAL Club is currently Closed to new members, but JOIN THE WAITLIST so you'll be the FIRST to know when membership opens in July 2020

Be a part of a groundbreaking subscription box service. 

The G.A.L. Box
A Monthly Earring + Intentional Giving Club
The Create Hope Cuffs Team & myself (Danielle) want to help you live without regrets. 
*The regret of burnout; giving more of yourself than you had to give because there was never time to refresh your own soul. Depleted souls are hurting souls. 
*The regret of not telling a loved one how you truly treasure them before it’s too late. 
*The regret of being so busy you missed out on opportunities to show simple acts of kindness & love to those who need it most. 

The time it takes to do these things really isn’t the problem. The problem is knowing how to START & where to BEGIN. You just need a nudge, sister! 

That’s where the G.A.L. Club comes in. Every month we’ll curate your box to not only include beautiful, exclusive earrings but to provide you simple ways & unique tools to help you love yourself & your people more deeply…. More intentionally.

It’s hard to put a price on that, but I invite you to sow seeds of generosity by becoming a G.A.L. Club member. 

It’s $30 a month (valued at $60-70) with free shipping, and you can cancel any time after your first box so there’s very little risk for you.

So will you do it? Will you take the leap into this exclusive earring & intentional giving club? 

Here's some FAQs. If you have a different question, email

Will I get to pick the earring styles I want?

Once you've joined the club, we'll email you a survey where you can tell us your preferred styles, colors and requests. We'll do our best to accommodate. However, if you get a pair of earrings that just aren't your style, we highly encourage you to think of a friend to give them to. We believe you'll still have plenty of earrings you personally fall in love with. 

Will there be a lot of goodies in my box? 

Well yes and no. Yes because we want to fill it with 'things' that matter. No, because the G.A.L. Box is NOT JUST ABOUT STUFF. WHO NEEDS MORE STUFF, RIGHT? What we need is human connection & healthy relationships.

While the GAL Club can't solve all the world's problems, we can be a catalyst to help you live a life you love. When you think of the GAL Club, think of it as adding VALUE to your life... not adding THINGS that'll end up in the back of the junk drawer. 

When will I receive my first box? I'm so excited! 

You'll receive your first box in August, paid when you sign up in July. 

When will my card be charged?

Your first payment will be processed when you join the club in July. You'll receive your first box August 1st-4th, depending on your location. All subsequent recurring charges will be automatically made on the 11th of each month, with the box shipping out by the 1st of the next month. 

Can I cancel?

Yes, you'll be able to go into your membership account and cancel your subscription any time after you've received your first box. Cancellations must be made prior to the 11th of each month to receive that month's refund. 

Can I gift a month to a friend?

Sure thing! Go into your account settings (received upon subscribing) and change the shipping address for the upcoming box... easy peasy. You'll need to do so before the 10th for next month's box. Remember to go in and reset the shipping address for the following month. 

Shoot! My friend missed the cart closure deadline.... but really wants to join the G.A.L. Club, how can she get in? 
Join the waitlist. As we can take on new members, we will notify her. CLICK HERE 

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