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OVERCOMER Coral Stack | Skinny Set | Leather Bracelets | Womens

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This coral stack set is perfect for any woman looking to accessorize and make a statement. The coordinating set allows for a worry-free approach to styling, as you will never have to stress about finding the perfect pieces to match. Plus, you'll save as you won't need to purchase individual pieces – it's a win-win!

Set Includes:
Brushed Metallic Silver 'Overcomer' Skinny Leather Bracelet, 2 snap settings
8mm Ocean Coral Bead / 'Trust' Charm Bracelet 
3mm Coral Bling Beaded Bracelet 

Why You’ll Love This Stack

🖤 Beautifully coordinated, but CAN BE WORN SEPARATELY for even more stacking options! 

🖤 Arrives gift boxed with a piece of dark chocolate

🖤 Handcrafted in the USA

🖤 All CHC metals are hypoallergenic, containing no nickel or cadmium

🖤 Best of all, your purchase funds education for underprivileged kids

Find specific size & care details or ask us a question using the tabs below.

Sizing Guide for both Skinny Materials - Leather and Cork

Adjustable: two snap settings
Width: 1/4" 
Tip-to-Tip Standard Length: 8" 
Fit: Wrist sizes between 6.0" - 7.25" (which includes the majority of petite to above average sizes)

🎁 Did we mention it arrives gift boxed with a piece of dark chocolate? 🎁

See Sizing Guide to determine if these will fit you. If your wrist is smaller than 6.0 or larger than 7.25, let us know your exact wrist size in the check out notes so we can make it comfortable for you. 

It's important to use our sizing instructions to get an accurate fit.

For girls ages 3-12, we recommend purchasing a smaller bracelet at this link

LEATHER CARE  (Scroll for Cork Jewelry Care)
You're creating hope around your wrist and around the world

Create Hope Cuffs not only bring hope to those who wear them, but every piece you purchase helps support education for underprivileged children locally and globally through organizations like AIM, Pathways4Youth, Pockets of Hope and more. 

Look at you.... making a difference around the world & doing it fashionably!!

Thank you!