Fossil Cross Petrified Wood Bead Bracelet | Natural Stone | Womens

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Our fossil gemstone 8mm bead bracelet is designed to coordinate with dozens of our inspirational bracelets.  

Petrified Wood is a 'wood turned to stone' fossil; it is created when a tree or other plant dies and its organic matter is replaced by minerals.

Colors found in our Fossil Cross: Deep Grey, Natural Brown, Terracotta, hints of coral and cream

You'll find inspiration within the beads themselves (see below) and the silver toned cross charm serves as a gentle reminder of the lengths God has gone to in order to show His great love. We are transformed by His Love.

You’ll receive one 8mm single beaded bracelet. Stacked to show depth & diversity of colors. 

Petrified Wood Fossil Stone Benefits

  • Stone of Transformation
  • A tool for meditation
  • Reconnects us with the natural world
  • Helps us embrace change
  • Promotes courage and strength in adversity

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