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B the Light Women's Skinny Leather Bracelets, Offering Hope to Breast Cancer Survivors, One Getaway at a Time

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B the Light Women's Skinny Leather Bracelets

Choose from 3 colors & 3 phrases. All sure to add inspiration to your day.

Proceeds from sales will directly benefit 'B the Light' non profit & its outreaches. Read more about this amazing ministry below...



1/4" wide x 8" length genuine leather bracelet, 2 snap settings for size adjustment

Fits appx. 6.0" - 7.25" wrists. As an estimate, Girls ages 13-118. :)

If you need a smaller or larger than average size, please contact us & we'll gladly cut the leather to the size YOU need! 

*Please allow up to 2 weeks for production... due to large order volumes and the great care we take to make your Create Hope Cuffs special! Each letter is hand stamped one-by-one with love. 

ESSENTIAL OIL ADDICTS: Did you know? Leather is a fabulous diffuser! Dab a little inside your new bracelet for all-day delight!


B the Light is a non-profit that raises money to send breast cancer survivors on "Hope Getaways" following treatment. B the Light was started by Amber Melby in 2016, in honor of Brenda Plinke, or Aunt B as she was known to family and friends. She battled breast cancer for 18 years and inspired everyone along the way with her motto of "never give up hope".

B the Light seeks to honor Aunt B’s legacy by coordinating these “HOPE Getaways” during or after treatment. Our motto is “Offering HOPE to breast cancer survivors, one getaway at a time.”

Why HOPE Getaways? The physical, emotional, and financial stresses of this diagnosis are devastating. Women who endure chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer often suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD following treatment. In many cases, they have had their identities as women robbed from them. According to the American Psychological Association, “When one member of a family has cancer, the whole family is affected.”

HOPE Getaways allow a survivor to join their family on a healing journey back to feeling whole again, without the financial burden of travel expenses.  Your purchases & donations will have a direct impact on the lives of women affected in our community, and throughout the state of Minnesota.

Find out more about B the Light & its upcoming Gala


Caring for your Create Hope Cuff:  Our leather is stained & sealed, but will show some wear over time. Most people like this 'shabby' look. To keep your leather & snaps looking fresher longer, be sure to keep them dry.

With frequent wear, the black stain within the lettering may fade. Want to give it a refresh? Simply use a black sharpie. Be sure to wipe off any excess quickly, but if the sharpie dries where you don’t want it, use a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the extra.

Aluminum will not tarnish & is considered food grade, without chemicals. 


Sizing Guide for both Skinny Materials - Leather and Cork

Adjustable: two snap settings
Width: 1/4" 
Tip-to-Tip Standard Length: 8" 
Fit: Wrist sizes between 6.0" - 7.25" (which includes the majority of petite to above average sizes)

🎁 Did we mention it arrives gift boxed with a piece of dark chocolate? 🎁

See Sizing Guide to determine if these will fit you. If your wrist is smaller than 6.0 or larger than 7.25, let us know your exact wrist size in the check out notes so we can make it comfortable for you. 

It's important to use our sizing instructions to get an accurate fit.

For girls ages 3-12, we recommend purchasing a smaller bracelet at this link

LEATHER CARE  (Scroll for Cork Jewelry Care)
You're creating hope around your wrist and around the world

Create Hope Cuffs not only bring hope to those who wear them, but every piece you purchase helps support education for underprivileged children locally and globally through organizations like AIM, Pathways4Youth, Pockets of Hope and more. 

Look at you.... making a difference around the world & doing it fashionably!!

Thank you!