The G.A.L. Club Monthly Earring + Intentional Giving Box {Closed for new members}

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Keep each piece for yourself or surprise a friend with a pick-me-up.

Our G.A.L. Box is ALL about creating opportunities to GIVE!

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Introducing the G.A.L. Club.

We've created a monthly box that not only has incredible earrings, but helps women such as yourself to give like you've never given before.

If I know ANYTHING about our Create Hope Cuffs clients, it's that you

1. Have great taste and

2.You're givers!

So many of our sales are gifts you're buying for your friends & loved ones.

As women, moms, aunties, sisters and friends, we love our people dearly, but busyness and well, just not knowing what to say sometimes keeps us from SHOWING that love in tangible ways.

The G.A.L. Club is here to help.

Every month when you receive your G.A.L. Box, there will Soul-Care items for you to keep.

Notice I didn't say self-care.

Sister, our SOULS are in desperate need of care. Are they not?

We'll include small items that remind you to nourish your soul throughout the month; a scripture card, a prayer magnet, or a small gratitude journal & pen to re-center you.

We're also giving you ways to GIVE intentionally. We call these 'I See You' Gifts. Gifts that let another person know they are seen & valued.

It may be stationery & a pre-paid envelope for you to write a simple note to a girlfriend who needs a pick me up. Or a challenge to seek out someone from another generation to have coffee with... on us. All kinds of specific prompts to nudge you towards showing the love you feel for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. 

~The Giving Gets Even Better~

Every month we promise to donate $5 from the cost of your box to a trusted local non-profit that is providing the tools to women & children who desperately need opportunities to pull themselves from crisis. More about this another time, but we promise to invest your $5 wisely each month.


 Earrings included in the GAL Box will not be available elsewhere. You can expect lots of styles, materials, and sizes. Think stud earrings, druzies, metal hoops, wood, resin, and of course leather and cork. Once you become a GAL member, we'll send you a survey to get a general idea of your style & color choices.

Did we mention FREE SHIPPING??? Yep.