BOGO - LOVED Charcoal Metallic Skinny Leather Bracelet, adjustable
BOGO - LOVED Charcoal Metallic Skinny Leather Bracelet, adjustable
BOGO - LOVED Charcoal Metallic Skinny Leather Bracelet, adjustable
Create Hope Cuffs

BOGO - LOVED Charcoal Metallic Skinny Leather Bracelet, adjustable

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Mother's Day is a celebration in so many ways, but for some women it can bring a stinging reminder of loss and pain. It can leave many women feeling isolated & alone in their grief. 

With these special souls in mind, we're offering the "LOVED" skinny leather bracelet as a Buy One Give One. You purchase 1, but two bracelets will be made.

You can choose to do the following from the drop down menu:

1. Ship ONE bracelet to you, and we'll donate the SECOND one
to a deserving woman at our local women's shelter, Place of Hope, in St. Cloud,Minnesota (in your honor).


2. We SHIP BOTH to you. You keep one and make a point of giving the second one away to a woman in your area who could really use the reminder of how loved she truly is. Of course, it can be to someone in your family or group of friends, but we highly encourage you to reach out to your own local women's shelter and see there's a woman there you can specifically bless. Remember the kindness of strangers impacts the world greatly. 
3. We DONATE BOTH on your behalf*. While neither bracelet will be shipped to you, both will be given in your name to women at the Place of Hope homeless shelter. What a beautiful way to spread kindness & love to some deserving women this Mother's Day. *If you choose this option, we'll immediately refund your shipping charges. 

Arrives gift boxed with a piece of dark chocolate!


Fits appx. 6.0" - 7.25" wrists.

As an estimate, Girls ages 13-113. 

If you have a very petite wrist, let us know! We'll happily add a third snap so it doesn't fall off. #blessyourheart 
Need a larger size? Nooooo problem. We cut our own leather to the size YOU need!!!

What different combinations? Build your own style here!



Thank you for supporting Create Hope Cuffs - did you know a portion of this sale goes to bring literacy to children around the world through Children's HopeChest. See, look at you being all GIVING & inspiring kids around the world to be the best they can be - SO MUCH MORE THAN A BRACELET, RIGHT?


Caring for your Create Hope Cuff:  Our leather is stained & sealed, but will show some wear over time. Most people like this 'shabby' look. To keep your leather & snaps looking fresher longer, be sure to keep them dry.

Aluminum will not tarnish & is considered food grade, without chemicals. 




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