Medical 'Health Heroes' Thank you Cork Anti-Microbial Women's Skinny Bracelet, adjustable

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Medical Health Heroes 'Thank you' Cork Anti-Microbial Women's Skinny Bracelet, adjustable

There is no doubt our doctors, nurses and all Health Heroes in medical community have risen to the challenge... to be on the front lines, to risk everything (their own health, time with family, very little resources) to serve us. 

The MD, the RN, the LPN, the CNA, the technicians and all the others whose job titles don't abbreviate nicely.

They are your daughters, your sisters, your friends, your neighbors, your mothers, and your heroes.

Perhaps you've been looking for a way to say thank you.

Let us help you do just that by purchasing a gift that will daily remind her she has an army of supporters behind her 100%. 

We will directly ship your gift to the recipient, along with a handwritten note and dark chocolate. Just leave your 'love note' in the notes section of checkout. See photo for checkout notes location. 

We'll take care of the rest. 


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Only 1/4" wide; great for stacking with other jewelry or a watch. Fits appx. 6.0" - 7.25" wrists. With two snap settings on every bracelet, it fits the majority of wrist sizes. Using our wrist size graphic, if you the wrist is larger than 7.25", no problem! Just let us know and we'll add extra length to the bracelet so it can be worn comfortably.



Cork is one of the world's most incredible raw materials. Did you know cork (yes, your wine corks too) are harvested from cork oak tree bark? It's 100% Vegan & ECO-friendly!

The best cork comes from Portugal, where over one third of all Cork Oaks exist. 

Cork oak trees are the ONLY trees who actually benefit from having the bark removed. Once harvested, the tree absorbs about 5 times the CO2, making harvesting an important process in reducing greenhouse gases. Amazingly, the same cork tree can be harvested every 3-8 years! 

Once the cork is harvested, it goes through a rigorous process of being boiled, dried, and shaved into thin sheets, then sealed with a non-toxic sealant. It is now stain-resistant, water repellant, hypoallergenic, anti-microbal, supple and flame retardant... and ready to be worn!  


Caring for your Create Hope CORK Cuff:  As mentioned, our cork fabric is anti-microbial and water repellent. However, we recommend not submerging your new cork jewelry in water to keep the metals fresh & shiny. If your cork bracelet should become dirty, you can simply use a lightly damp cloth to clean it up! It is not recommended to use essential oils on your cork jewelry. 

With frequent wear, the black stain within the lettering may fade. This is completely normal. Want to give it a refresh? Simply use a black sharpie. Be sure to wipe off any excess quickly, but if the sharpie dries where you don’t want it, use a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the extra.

Aluminum will not tarnish & is considered food grade, without chemicals. 


Sizing Guide for both Skinny Materials - Leather and Cork

Adjustable: two snap settings
Width: 1/4" 
Tip-to-Tip Standard Length: 8" 
Fit: Wrist sizes between 6.0" - 7.25" (which includes the majority of petite to above average sizes)

🎁 Did we mention it arrives gift boxed with a piece of dark chocolate? 🎁

See Sizing Guide to determine if these will fit you. If your wrist is smaller than 6.0 or larger than 7.25, let us know your exact wrist size in the check out notes so we can make it comfortable for you. 

It's important to use our sizing instructions to get an accurate fit.

For girls ages 3-12, we recommend purchasing a smaller bracelet at this link

LEATHER CARE  (Scroll for Cork Jewelry Care)
You're creating hope around your wrist and around the world

Create Hope Cuffs not only bring hope to those who wear them, but every piece you purchase helps support education for underprivileged children locally and globally through organizations like AIM, Pathways4Youth, Pockets of Hope and more. 

Look at you.... making a difference around the world & doing it fashionably!!

Thank you!